Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ultimate Madoka - Butterflies

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I found a butterfly cut-out patterns at a local arts and crafts shop and thought it would be a great idea to make a background/backdrop out of it.
So I traced all these butterflies on a sheet of large black paper and cut them out with a cutter knife.
It probably took me two days, with an actual working time of 6 hours or so. =P
My set up looked like the following photo above.
Blue light from the back-top-left, red light from the back-bottom-right, and another soft light lighting Madoka on the left side.
I then used a white panel as a reflector to lighten a little bit of her on the right side.

While I was making the Madoka shot, I also made this shot as well.
"Yuyuko with butterflies".

Similar set up, but the soft light was lit from below and I used a reflector on the top to light a little bit of her cap and face.
I made the patterns below her using a decorative fillers (glittered pebbles) that I found at my local arts and crafts store.

Hope you like it ^^.


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