Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Letter

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 Set Up:

Used Olympus 60mm macro.
 I hand held Shanta-kun.
I didn't have the Nendoroid School Play Set Ver. (Only the Bunkasai Ver.), so I purchased this miniature school desk and chair plastic kit.
I had to tape these because these two parts aren't compatible in this particular set up.

Other notes:
I hand made the letter from two pieces of blank piece of papers and used a red ballpoint pen for the heart. I used glue (type that rubs off) to attach the letter on Nyaruko's hand.

Happy Valentine's day (a bit late but oh well).

Thanks ^^.


  1. Just asking... how much is the price of that DIY chair and table? I'd like to get some

  2. I bought it on eBay for around 25USD.
    If interested, I bought it from this seller (mimiwoo):