Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Potion

Sharing the making of my pic that I shared at:

I had the idea a while ago. I scribbled it on a binder paper so I wouldn't forget.
I generally got the idea when Totori was announced. It's because it was the first nendoroid that I ordered with potion accessories.
I listed a few like Riannon's spinning eyes faces or the usual embarrassed face for Len. I thought of Kirino's moe face for Rin and the (=3) face for Miku.
As I tried it out, the faces for Len didn't seem to work out, so I changed my mind not to show his face.
Well I changed my mind for Rin too. She just looked adorable with her own (XD) face.
I tried setting the love potion on Miku's hand but it kept falling, so I left it on the floor of the room; as if she's shocked with the situation and dropped the bottle.
I tried shooting from this angle, but it didn't work. You can see Miku's hair sticking out and when I tried not to include it, it simply didn't keep the atmosphere that we were in a room.
Took out the window side and tried it again with different angle.
Flashed up towards the ceiling for soft light to fall on top and a reflector on the right to fill a little light in the shadows and after several trial and error...
Got what I wanted =).

Hope you like it too ^^.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Cute scene + nice setup = awesome photo. XD
    Thanks for sharing your "experiment". ^^

  2. @ animaster
    Thanks for your comment.
    No problem. Glad you like it xD.

  3. As much as I like the final photo, I always love to see those "in the process" shots. It's cool to see ;-)

    Anyway, love your idea! They are so cute lol XD