Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Puchitto Rock Shooter Ends Its Service

Since its start from 3/9/2011, Puchitto Rock Shooter a RPG application online at Nico Nico Douga has finally ended its service on 9/12/2012. It happens to be on my birthday too lol. And not to mention it has been a year since I updated this site <.<;.
I took several screen shots the last few days before the server kicked me out so take a look if you like.

 Loading screen
Faris Nyannyan~
Weapons became selectable for viewing pleasure during battle, but your strongest weapon (excluding those that are non-perishable) was always first to lose its endurance points.
The water gun in action.
These were some of my pets...
And this was my "Doll" that went to other worlds in place of me to gather items including rare ones.
Changing your looks was the fun part of this game.
And below would be some more pics from random battles against other users and boss battles:
The reason why there's so many screen shots against the Dead Master was because I was aiming for first place in one of the Boss battles: The Curtain Call.
And ended up getting 15th place... =/.
 Sometimes, your avatar pops up very close while you were about to browse through your items.
You could pet her head and then she (he) would blush and explode from getting too excited.
You could still pet her (him) even if it was standing normally.
So cute!
You could also "polish" your friends to gain adventure points (for traveling and battling monsters) and help your friends recover endurance points for their outer/armor.
During the early days there were nothing special after polishing, but when I logged in couple days before its end of service, I found all my friends showed up after I polished them as shown above.
Before it shut down, I took a pic of my scores.
VS (attacking)
Win: 896, Lose: 604
VS (getting attacked)
Win: 2976, Lose: 1315
VS Monsters
Win: 7927, Lose: 218, Tie: 228
.... and I played 201 days straight (a good half month) when the game started lol.
Then I quit, but started playing a week ago when I was notified that it was going to go out of service.
I luckily finished the treasure collection (100%) and finished all 7 + 1 worlds in the game; mainly thanks to the game maker to lift the limit of recovery potion usage and making weapons/armor re-generating quicker. It sure was a pain during the early days when there were very strict limitation without using cash... (but I ended up using some for Faris *sob*)
Last few minutes, I was just random battling.
And right on time... they ended its service...
Good by Puchitto Rock shooter... I'll see you again on iPhone....

Say What?
(Click to read about the iPhone Ver. on my other post)

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