Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puchitto Rock Shooter on iPhone

So they released another version of Puchitto Rock Shooter (PRS) and this time on iPhone and it's already out since September 7th. 
Here's the official site ( 
Here's the App Store page for it (
Rated 12+ and only in Japanese for now.

Some people may wonder how to get this, but I luckily found it on USA App store by just searching the key words: ぷちっと (puchitto in Japanese) and showed two results and one of them was this one.

*If you're reading this page first, check out my other post about PRS Nico Nico Ver. HERE.*

Here are some of my thoughts about the game:

There are 4 levels of difficulties for each 6 worlds that have 5 stages in each of them.
Your goal is to beat these 6 "sexy" bosses at the end and power up and change your avatar as you go. (They have voice actors for each one, which is a plus)
Just to let you know, it takes some getting use to adjusting the fire power, aim, and figuring out how each type of ammos would shoot.
Once you get at least your aim accurate, you'll love the lazer-beam ammos (1 of 2 standard ammos that's free). I mean it's pretty much required to destroy enemies that are too far away for the other standard "falling" bullets to reach.It's a pretty easy game once you get the hang of it. I could complete 80% of the stages with all standard lazer-beam ammos.
In fact, I've already cleared all levels on day one (few hours straight) lol.
Now I'm just collecting avatar items that are available through in-game-money. 
There's still that dreaded gachapon-like feature where you can pay real-money and get random premium items. 
Similarly on Nico Nico Ver., it's still very expensive to buy premium avatar items. 
Like seriously, a premium clothes for $2.99? Bleh. (to be fair it does add extra rare item drop rate)
You also lose those famous characters (like Faris Nyannyan) that were included in the Nico Nico App version; however, they may become available in future updates, but so far I don't see them.
Ultimately, this game wasn't challenging for me.
I can only hope for future updates and it needs to have new levels, get all those other outfits that were in Nico Nico App, and have Game Center connection for some kind of battling against other players around the world.

At least you'll have your Puchitto Rock Shooter on iPhone though.
(Apparently not available for Android yet).

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