Sunday, December 23, 2012

Will You Marry Me?

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Will You Marry Me (4 koma ver.)
Miku: You're late!
Me: Sorry, I was buying something special for you.
Miku: *Gasp*
Me: Miku, will you marry me?
Miku: . . . Yes///
Miku: . . . Umm?
Me: Oops... I bought the wrong ring size ^^;

Hope you like it ^^

The Set Up

I levitated the base initially because I thought it would look cool if I could make the snow glow by lighting it from the bottom. But it didn't turn out too well, so there wasn't a point really ^^;
I laid out cottons to make it look like snow in the field and placed Miku's base so that it wouldn't look like she's stuck in the snow ^^;
I also had a lamp in the back with blue-winter-color.
The lamp in the back.
I forgot to take picture of the final set up, but this is how it looked roughly when I took the shot.
I added one more light from the top, slightly behind miku, and adjusted the reflector plate to achieve my shot.
If you're wondering where to get those snow flake ornaments, they're called Glitter Snowflakes and I bought it at Michael's Arts and Crafts store. I assume they're used for replacing buttons, so it had rings behind it.

Difficulties that I faced:

One of the hardest part was placing those snowflakes in my shot, because when I wanted to adjust them, they would get caught on the cotton and I had to reposition the cotton all over again. My purpose of placing them was so that there would be minimum amount of empty (cotton only) space in my picture. I wanted to have a little bit more "spice," so to speak =P.
Another hard part was positioning my hand and adjusting angles of the ring box. This was basically trial and error. Sometimes it was too close, too far, wrong angle, it blurred, etc. It was frustrating lol.

Overall I'm satisfied with the outcome and I hope you like them too.

Thanks ^^.

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