Monday, December 17, 2012

Overflowing Passion

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I had part time job and school, so I couldn't get back to my hobby as much as I wanted to.
Now I'm on break so I started opening those that were still sealed in box.
So I chose the biggest box from AmiAmi (30" x 16" x 18") and found Love is War Miku DX Ver.
As I was assembling her, I realized there was a pink wire for her megaphone.
Since the theme song's about love, I instantly had an instinct to make a heart shape with the pink wire =P.
It was quite tricky, because if you bend it too far, it's hard to adjust back to the way it was.
Then I thought about the song itself. To my understanding, it's about Miku passionately loving someone and she's not willing to back down no matter what happens until she has the one she loves.
So I felt her "overflowing passion" (hence the title) and created this pic.

After I assembled her, I started to set up the lighting as shown above, but this gave a normal "official shot" kind of pic.

Then I remembered a trick while I was in photography class in school and tried with only one light source.
The above picture shows what it would look like with your naked eyes.
However, by setting your camera to Aperture Priority, set to base/lowest ISO, and change the metering to "spot metering" (or simply adjust the exposure compensation dial in my case) the camera would now expose the scene as if the figure is in perfect exposure, but the background is all glowing and all blown-out (highlights).
Then I gave it the final touch by developing in Lightroom.

Hope you like it ^^.

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